6 reasons why people lie, even if this is not necessary

Some of us lie just like that, without any purpose. And it annoys others. There are six reasons why pathological liars do not want to tell the truth. Share professional observations of a psychologist.

Most people try to always tell the truth. Some lie more than others. But there are those who are lying constantly. Pathological lies are not a clinical diagnosis, although it may be one of the symptoms of psychopathy and manic episodes.

But the vast majority of liars are mentally healthy people who think differently or lie under the influence of circumstances, explains David Lei – a psychiatrist, doctor of clinical psychology. Why do they do this?

1. Lies make sense for them

People around do not understand why they lie even in trifles. In fact, these little things are important for those who are lying. They have a different perception of the world and another value system. For them it matters that it is not important for most.

2. When they tell the truth, it seems to them that they lose control of the situation

Sometimes such people lie to influence others. They are sure: their deception sounds more convincing than the truth, and allows them to control the situation.

3. They don’t want to upset us

They lie due to the fact that they are afraid of the disapproval of others. Liars want to be appreciated and loved to be admired. They fear that the truth does not look too attractive and, having learned it, friends can turn away from them, relatives will begin to be ashamed, and the boss will not trust an important project.

4. Starting to lie, they cannot stop

Lying like a snowball: one catches the other. The more they lie, the more difficult it is for them to start telling the truth. Life becomes like a house of cards – if you remove at least one card, it will collapse. At some point, they begin to lie to reinforce the past lies.

Pathological liars are sure that they should admit in one episode, as it turns out that they said a lie before. Fearing an exposure, they continue to deceive even where

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it is not necessary.

5. Sometimes they do not even understand that they lie

In a stressful situation, people do not think about trifles, because first of all it is important to save themselves. And they include survival regime, in which they do not realize what they say or do. And they sincerely believe in their own words.

People believe in what was not if it is convenient for them. And after the danger has passed, they do not remember what they said under the influence of stress.

6. They want their lie to be true

Sometimes liars take the desired. It seems to them that dreams can become a reality if you pretend a little. They will become richer if they begin to let dust in the eyes and talk about their mythical welfare or grandfather-millionaire, who will leave them a will.

How to communicate with a liar?

Whatever the reason provokes a lie, the deceiver always feels uncomfortable. And here the reaction of others is important. If the interlocutor in response to a lie says: “Stop invent!”,” Again you deceive me!”Or” I will take you to clean water!”, The liar turns on the protective reaction.

Most of all, such people are afraid to look like deceivers in the eyes of others and are able to go to any lies to prove that they can be believed.

If you want to know the truth, try to resist attacks and accusations. First, try to determine the reason why your interlocutor is lying. Ask him: “Why is this situation so important for you?”Or” Why do you want me to believe in it?”,” Why do you want me to look at the situation from this point of view?”

So you will reduce the stress and make communication more sincere. Empathy is the best means to show a person that the truth is not such a terrible thing and the world does not collapse if it turns out that he is deceiving others.

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