Model girls-what is their role?

They are too thin, too tall, too young, too similar to each other. They are priestesses of tyrannical fashion, which imposes on us bodily standards and causes food disorders. Nevertheless, we need these etheric creatures, some psychologists believe.

Long ghostly processions of fashion models go to the podium twice a year, in the off -season. These cyclic sacraments – Fashion Week – have its own paradoxical logic: Autumn here celebrates spring, and Spring anticipates the next winter. And it seems to emphasize this isolation from the reality of a series of etheric creatures in beautiful clothes not for the season that

Plachý partner často mlčí o svojich túžbách, pretože vás nechce prinútiť robiť niečo proti vôli. Dovoľte mi cialis predaj vám preferovanú pasáž z porno alebo povedať, čo chce slová. Nenechajte sa smiať, ak je to naozaj niečo zvláštne. Vyberte časť, ktorú súhlasíte s implementáciou, pochopte, že bude šťastnejšia.

do not hide their almost incorporeal bodies. All kinds of media multiply these images, accompanying delighted or irritated remarks, and the voices of fashionable critics are drowning in the choir of worried doctors, excited mothers, nutrition experts and activists of the feminist movement. This praise of thinness and androgynia harms the young psyche, causes dysmorphophobia and is considered one of the reasons for the spread of anorexia, adversely affects reproductive function and also calls on to see an object in a woman.

However, from the point of view of philosophy, all social phenomenon is generated by a certain need for it: the philosopher Véronique Bergen writes in his essay that “their bodies are“ priestly ”on the catwalks, in the ritual of high fashion or pre-A port;They exist only to “worship” them to idealize them ”. This is what the 36-year-old Anna, a literature teacher who does not miss a single show: “I go on the Internet and plunge into contemplation of beauty-is really a dream, art, just like music, painting or theater. It would be a sight as beautiful with ordinary women? Of course, there is no, and contrary to what many say, these women are not here to be our mirror, but to embody something extraordinary, unrealistic ”.

Like angels

The fashion model today is very young, with Slavic features, very thin, their faces are very similar to each other. With their young incorporeal androgenicity, they resemble the hosts of angels who have come out of ancient icon-painting plots: according to the psychoanalyst Jean-Michel Hirte, our spectacle of high fashion spectacles is generated by a kind of emptiness left from the religious sphere, which is naturally filled with the phenomena of mass culture. From the point of view of Veronika Bergen, with the images of angels they are associated with “Aquathy in nutrition, silence in the process of action, a special aura of inaccessibility and the etheric, luminous species of their body”. In her opinion, the emergence of such an ideal is natural in our society of reversing. With such an abundance and an excess of unhealthy food, the body is idealized, delivered from the excess of the flesh, unconsciously it is perceived as something unattainable.

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