However, there had been a good amount of queens and other famous people that we are unable to consider

However, there had been a good amount of queens and other famous people that we are unable to consider

“Also it was two Misses, Misses Yugoslavia, Miss Germany which i you should never have any idea the newest labels. It actually was a very popular solicitors that I’m sure you understand, Alan Dershowitz … Little princess Diane’s secretary … Exactly who otherwise? Mr. Trump. That is a high profile. Mr. ..” (1328-42, Videotaped Deposition from Juan Alessi)

“Q: You had been inquired about new superstars. You told you your satisfied Michael Jackson? A: Sure. Q: However you did not promote him a massage therapy? A: No.” (Accessory 1327-29, Johanna Sjoberg’s deposition)

“Q: What will happen second when Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein and you can a beneficial 15-year-dated girl walk into Eva Anderson’s domestic? … A: They go-ahead into the kitchen urban area, which is all over on home. I go on the kitchen and that i listen to a discussion start. Really muffled, I’m able to perhaps not listen to people particulars concerning discussion whatsoever. My wife and i come in the kitchen preparing the night meal. Eva provides the young girl on the kitchen. In the kitchen, there is an isle with three barstools. Eva instructs the young girl to stay to your furthest barstool off to the right. Q: Describe personally exactly what the girl appeared to be, together with her demeanor and you can anything you contemplate regarding the their unique when she guides to your cooking area. A: Very attractive, beautiful younger girl. Make-up, extremely make, everyday skirt. But she seemed to be upset, maybe distraught, and you will she are shaking, so when she sat down, she seated off and you will sat on the feces precisely the method the brand new girls that we stated for you sat in the Jeffrey’s household, and no phrase with its direct down. However, we are able to tell you to she was very nervous. Q: What exactly do you suggest from the distraught and moving, exactly what do you indicate from the that? A: Shaking, I mean actually quivering.” (Attachment 1328-29, deposition regarding Rinaldo Rizzo, a former Dubin nearest and dearest staff member)

Robert Kem1edy, Junior

“Q: What goes on second? A: Eva comes in and informs (the latest fifteen-year-old) one she’s going to be working for Eva in town. Q: Just like the what? A: As the a beneficial nanny.” (Attachment 1328-31, deposition from Rinaldo Rizzo, an old Dubin nearest and dearest personnel)

“Q: Did you previously offer people female on the Dubin’s household that were not the friends’ students that were within the age 18? … A: We have never ever, to my training, lead individuals within the age 18 that isn’t a pal away from my children otherwise my nieces or nephews toward Dubin household.” (Attachment 1330-19, deposition out of Maxwell)

“Q: Do you actually ever promote Virginia Roberts which have an outfit, a clothes regarding a sexual characteristics to wear to possess Les Wexner? A: I think we addressed the newest gown material. A: Categorically no. You probably did have that, I told you categorically zero.” (Attachment 1327-twenty-seven, Maxwell’s deposition)

“Q: Sorry, I need to query, however, do you actually ever have sex having Alan Dershowitz on the straight back out-of good limousine which have Virginia and you will Jeffrey establish? A: Absolutely not. Q: Have you any idea which Alan Dershowitz is actually? A: I do. Q: You might remember – A: I would keep in mind that.” (Accessory 1327-29, Johanna Sjoberg’s deposition)

Q: I am asking you should you ever considering their own which have an outfit from an effective sexual nature to wear to possess Les Wexner?

“Another [keywords] Demands plus sought for: Shared Safeguards Plans having Mr. Epstein and you will Mr. Dershowitz (RFPs six, eight, 9 and you can 10) and you can telecommunications having Mr. Dershowitz’s the recommendations (RFP eleven).” (Accessory 1327-a dozen, Maxwell response to courtroom purchase)

“Dershowitz, just who recognized Epstein given that a close friend, flew toward Jeffrey Epstein’s private squirt 15 minutes out of 1996 as a result of 2006, which was at the time period you to Jeffrey is earnestly attacking many minor students. Twice Dershowitz travelled with Sarah Kellen, who had been Defendant’s right-hand employer of them underage girls.” (1328-41, Response versus Actions so you can Intervene)

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